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Welcome to PalmXplore

PalmXplore is a public-domain archive of predicted oil palm ( Elaeis guineensis ) genes. The database presently contains 26,059 high confidence oil palm genes generated by integrating two gene-prediction pipelines: FGENESH++ developed by Softberry and Seqping by MPOB.

Genome assembly and gene models are available for download here OR at the Genomsawit website.
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Oil Palm Genome Statistics

Genome size 1.8 Gb
Total number of scaffolds40,360
Average / N50 / largest scaffold sizes (bp)38,036 / 1,045,414 / 22,100,610
Number of bases (bp)1,535,150,282

Representative Oil Palm Gene Models

Number of genes26,059
Average length (bp)1,239
Gene density (gene/Mb)16.98
Average exon per gene5.4
Average exon length (bp)252
Number of genes annotated with Gene Ontology term(s)21,572
Number of genes with Enzyme Code (KEGG)6,195
Data Available
Pisifera genome buildP540,360 scaffolds
E. guineensis genome buildEG5.116 chromosomes
Gene modelEG5.1_Genes_V326,059 genes
Fgenesh++ predicted genes27,915 genes
Seqping predicted genes17,680 genes
Intronless genes3,658 genes
Resistance (R) genes210 genes
Fatty Acid Biosynthesis (FAB) genes42 genes

Chan et al., 2017

Distribution of oil palm gene models. a) Number of genes vs. number of exons per gene b) Number of genes vs lengths of CDS

Oil palm genes classification based on Gene Ontology annotation